Event Information:

  • Sat

    No Box $3000/$3000 Box to Win All Classes Racing

    9:00 am

    Gate Open at 9am Time Trails at 10am and Racing at 11am
    General Admission $15.00 For Adults and Kids 10 and Under Free

    ONE Time Runs and 2nd run for the money

    Tech Cards--- Driver get in free with Tech Card
    NO Box$40.00--$50.00 Buy Back (Guaranteed) Two Rounds
    Box $40.00--$50.00 Buy Back (Guaranteed) Two Rounds
    Sportsman Street $25.00-- Buy Back $10.00 (Two Rounds)
    Street Trophy $20.00-- Buy Back $5.00 (Two Rounds)

    Bike $30.00-- Buy Back $15.00 (One Round Only)
    Jr. dragster $20.00-- Buy Back $10.00 (One Round Only)