General Rules

¨All cars must tech in prior to entering the racetrack

¨All time trials are run in an “open” style, meaning all classes’ time trial together during an open amount of time. There will be NO class time trials. 6:30 to 7:30 pm on Friday

¨Buy backs must be purchased at the pit gate, before the start of the next round. If the round has started, the buy back will not be allowed.

¨Double entries are allowed.

¨If a car is double entered; it is the driver’s responsibility to get the car back to the lanes in a timely manner. We will not give extra down time for double entries. NO exceptions!

¨Bye runs, First round buy is picked at random in the top of the tower. First round buys DO NOT carry over. Starting with the Second round, the buy goes to the best winning reaction time from the previous round. If two drivers have the same reaction time, the buy will go to the driver with the best package. The driver with the buy will be pulled out and will be the last car in that round to make the pass. If there is an even amount of cars in that round, the buy will run the remaining cars in the lanes; the buy will have the lane choice. Buy will not carry over, one buy per driver per night.

¨Staging Lanes- When you pull into the staging lanes, you must remain in the lane that you pulled into unless you are told to move by the staging director. Once you are in the staging lanes, you should be ready to start the race. If you are paired up with a competitor and you cannot start, you will be given 30 seconds to fire. If you are not able to run against the competitor, a break single will be given.

¨Clarksville Speedway Drag strip uses an “Auto-Start” computer system. Once 3 bulbs are activated (Both pre-stage bulbs and one stage bulb) the computer takes over and the competitor will have a maximum of 15 seconds to turn on the fourth or last stage bulb. If you desire to “deep stage” it is your responsibility to get in on time. The track can NOT make the other competitor waits for you to go deep. Courtesy staging is encouraged.

¨You must finish the race in the same car that you started with. If a person breaks in competition during a round where they can “buy back in” they are able to go purchase a new tech card and must buy back also to continue in eliminations. You must use another number different from the one on the broke card entry. If a car breaks in a round after buy backs are offered they are out of the competition. If a car breaks during time trials before eliminations, you can switch cars.

¨It is the driver’s responsibility to check they’re dial-in on the scoreboards before they stage. If you stage, you agree with what is displayed! It is NOT the tracks responsibility if the dial is incorrect.

¨The only time a re-run will be allowed is if the track officials agree that something beyond our control affects the timing system. The officials decision is FINAL!

¨If a track official declares a car to be unsafe in any manner, that car will NOT be allowed on the track .An unsafe car will include leaks, unsafe equipment or a driver we deem not able to compete in a safe manner. The track official ruling will be FINAL!


¨All drivers, crew, team members and guests are to act in a manor reflecting good sportsmanship. Any unruly behavior will not be tolerated, which includes cursing at a track personnel, other competitors, and spectators. Any appearance of drunkenness or use of illegal substance will cause forfeiture of any monies due driver. Abuse of this will result in removal from the track and or permanent band from the track premises.

¨No one is allowed onto the dragstrip past the tree unless they are the competitor in the car or a paid track official! NO EXCEPTIONS! This can and will cause a competitor to be disqualified and loose all monies. Please DO NOT ASK to stand in staging with someone you know whom is driving. This causes problems with all other spectators. They want to do the same.

¨ The only person allowed in the car while on the dragstrip is the driver (competitor) only. NO Exception! Anyone caught in the car with a driver will be asked to leave the premises with out any monies due driver!

¨Any fluid spilled on the racetrack, prior to qualifying will not receive a break card! NO Exceptions!

Þ        All cars must have the battery ties down properly.

All cars with the battery relocated to the rear of the car must have an external        battery cut-off switch.

All cars must have a dual throttle return springs on the carburetor.

All cars must be equipped with an overflow container for the radiator. 1 qt. Min.

If a car runs without a hood, you must have an electric fan, no belt driven fans allowed on open hooded vehicles.

Any car with slicks must use an open-ended lug nut and long wheel studs.

Seat belts must be used in every car.

Any car that runs an 8.49 and quicker requires that the driver wear a helmet.

Any car that runs a 7.49 and quicker must have a minimum 4 point roll bar and a fire jacket.

Any car that runs a 6.39 and quicker requires the driver to wear fire pants and jacket.

All fuel cells must have a ground strap attached.

Driver’s compartments should be sealed off. No open holes allowed in the engine firewall or trunk firewall.

Fuel lines- No more then a maximum of 12 inches of rubber line allowed.

Any use of a drive shaft counters is prohibited.

Any use of a down track stutter box is prohibited.

No burnout past the staging beams unless in a dragster, roadster or track official gives permission.

If the computer doesn’t acknowledge a mistake at pre-stage and stage then the race track won’t acknowledge it either.

All rules are subject to change at track owner’s discretion.