2014 Pure Street


Body:                    Stock Steel/Alum must look factor, Must have Factory Floor pan and Fire wall. Quick steer ok /no cockpit. no open rear ends

Cam:                     No Roller Cams

 Carburetor:            362 CID Two barrel 4412 Holley, 500cfm, carb only must pass no gauges.  305 CID will be able to run 4 barrel no bigger than                                     650 carb will P and G each night if needed– 602 crate motor with 650 carb

Chassis:               Stock 4 point cage – 3 door bars on driver side


 Engine:               NO 400’s- 362 CID Limit, Flat top pistons only no Domes, no MSD, Any intake, 5.7 rods only,
                               No Racing Heads Vortex heads ok (202 valve Max), Stock or Roller tip rockers- no roller cams.
602 GM crate motor with 650 carb no bigger must pass no go gauge.

 Engine Setback:   Stock or ball joint at #1spark plug.

 Engine protest:   To check CID with pump gauge is $100.00, to pull head is $300.00, to look at rod $400.00 to see    
Complete tear down is $600.00. Carb check is $50.00.  Track will keep half no matter of outcome.If you don’t take protest you    are disqualified for the night no points and money. And you will have To start in the rear the next weekend you are here. He or she that makes the protest must be looked at first.

Fire Suit:                Recommended

 Fuel Cell:               Must be secure with metal strapping and protected by a roll cage.

 Headers:                Headers ok, No180 headers

 Heads:                    No racing heads/ 60 cc min.

 Ignition:                 HEI, MSD brand ok no external coil or box

 Rear End:               Stock rear trailing arms, top may be shortened, floater ok no quick change.

 Transmission:       3 or 4 speed or Automatic only- clutch must be 7” or bigger. No Direct drives, stock only

 Spoiler:                  6” Max

 Tires:                      Maximum 8 inches – Any tires / no mud grips

 Shocks:                  Racing Spring and Shocks ok Tubes A-arms ok upper only

 Weight:                  3200 lbs.

 Weight Jacks:       Rear only– sliders ok

 Wheel Base:          108” wheelbase min. – no max

 Wheels:                  8 inch maximum.

 Skirt:                       Ok

 Fuel:                       Racing gas okay. No alcohol. E85 ok

 Fire Extinguisher:   Mandatory

 Springs:        Racing or stock in stock location.

 Window Net:         Optional

 Mufflers:                         Optional unless made to use by the city

 Seatbelts:              No older than 3 years.

 Brakes;              stock must be 4 wheels no shut off switch for 3 wheels