2014 New Southern Street

Body: Stock appearing no square or flat sides steel or aluminum ok, Must have Factory Floor pan and Fire wall. Quick steer ok.  All rear end must be in-closed.  In closed cock pits ok

 Cam:    Any

 Carburetor:       4 or 2 bal NO Dominator NO adjustable restrictor plate form cockpit

 Chassis:           Stock 4 point cage – 3 door bars on driver side

 Engine:   All Steel Block and  Heads ,  any intake

Engine Setback:           Stock or ball joint at #1spark plug.

Fire Suit:          Recommended

 Fuel Cell:         Must be secure with metal strapping and protected by a roll cage.

 Headers:  Headers ok, No180 headers

 Heads:     Any Steel

 Ignition:  Any –NO mags

 Rear End:  Stock rear trailing arms, top may be shortened, floater ok no quick change.

 Transmission:   Any Must go forward and backward on it on.  NO sprint car type

 Spoiler:              6” Max

 Tires:          Maximum 10 inches – Any tires / no mud grips

 Shocks:         Racing Spring and Shocks ok Tubes A-arms ok upper only in stock location

 Weight:     3200 lbs.

 Weight Jacks:     ok

 Wheel Base:     108” wheelbase min. – no max

 Wheels: 10 inch maximum.

 Skirt:    Ok

 Fuel:    Racing gas okay. No alcohol. E85 ok

 Fire Extinguisher:   Mandatory

 Springs:  Racing or stock in stock location.

 Window Net: Optional

 Mufflers: Optional unless made to use by the city

 Seatbelts: No older than 3 years.

 Brakes;  Stock must be 4 wheels no shut off switch for 3 wheels